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Secret Cove Sailing/Boat Tours of the Sunshine Coast of BC is CLOSED Permanently

Sailing boat tours of the Sunshine Coast BC



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Time flies when you are cruising in Paradise!

Posted on October 6, 2016 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (1550)

I may be guilty of over using a singular word. That word is stunning. Well I have been stunned quite a lot this summer in  the best possible way! In a period of one month, we visited both Desolation Sound and Princess Louisa Inlet, Chatterbox Falls, which both have been named the most beautiful anchorages in the world. 

Desolation Sound: Our guests flew into Powell River via YVR then took  a $10 taxi ride to meet us at the Westview Marina. The crew had enjoyed a wonderful sail with the wind straight behind us all the way from Secret Cove but the full enclosure was on while we travelled in heavy rain. The moment our guests stepped on the dock, like magic, the rain stopped. We dined at our favourite waterfront restaurant. The next morning at 10 we were off ,and making our  our way to the Prideaux Haven, Desolation Sound!

I am always just a tad concerned that our guest will not find the scenery as lovely as we do, that maybe we have built the expectations too high.  I knew that was not the case, while I was preparing lunch, our guests yelled down into the galley, "Hurry come see." "We are in Desolation Sound!"  We anchored to the north east of Prideaux Haven, our bow pointed to the view of the mountains. We were stunned!

We spent 2 nights at this lovely spot before venturing on to Teakerne Arm and Tenedos Bay. Our guests were thrilled with their "bucket List" trip to, Desolation Sound, the most beautiful anchorage in the world. We hiked to and swam in Unwin Lake. We kayaked Melanie Cove,Laura Cove and Prideaux Haven, often stopping to be stunned by the beauty all around us.

My next stunning expererience was venturing wth a guest to Princess Louisa Inlet. It is a long motor sail with little wind on this journey, but the scenery is specatacular all along the way. While tied at the dock, with only one other boat on a warm pristine fall day, I took my kayak out for a paddle intending to explore McDonald anchorage.  I found myself stunned again. There is something sacred about this place. I paddled for a while but then, stunned by what was all around me,  I sat silently alone in my kayak,  on still water just looking up! As beautiful as this photo is, it is impossible to  capture this place. The cathedral like setting seems to urge one, not to speak but only whisper, in respet to the architect of this magnificent location. Could this be the most beautiful anchorage in the world?

So, I am guilty as charged. I use the word 'stunning" excessively, but it is hard not to when you sail with us on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC!

marriage Proposal, wedding anniversary, stags and stagettes ,birthdays, great family outings!

Posted on July 24, 2016 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (56)

Well what a summer it has been so far!  The Sunshine Coast will not have to worry about a water shortage this summer! The sun has finally made an appearance. It seems to be a trend that we hope will continue into August! We have sailed almost daily and yet have found the sun on all but one of our tours. (which actually generated 2-"5 star" reviews!)

June seemed to be a month for wives surprising their husbands with anniversary sunset cruises as well as daughter's surprising their Dad for Father's day! Sadly, we had to cancel and refund one anniversary cruise as the rain was torrential!

We celebrated several anniversaries , the longest of which was a 42 year anniversary. We have made wonderful connections with all of our guests. One of the things that I couldn't help but notice  is that these couples have such joy in adventure and passion for life

June also brought us a surprise in that we unwittingly hosted one stag  and one stagette party on 2 different days. We had some concerns at first but found each group to be fun loving, safe and thoughtful! What a fun alternative to  these parties of the past. These young people were looking to share new adventures, making memories  with their friends rather than the drunken parties that stag and stagette parites have been known for.

The month of July has seen us out frquently, dominated by our "Sail and Beach package". Several groups and families sailed to the island, enjoyed a picnic or barbecue hot dog lunch, set up the beach mat,and swam in the warm waters of Thormanby. We even enjoyed a 3rd visit with a great family who promptly booked another day in August!

We hosted many memorable cruises. Mother- daughters, family, couples... One of the most exciting events was a "weekender" cruise to Smuggler Cove, Jedidah and Thormanby Islands. One of our guests contacted us a few days before to beg our assitance in his planned marriage proposal. We purchased roses which we hid in the bilge. The weekend seemed charmed despite an "iffy" weather forcast. Magically we found ourselves anchored in the "Sweet spot" in Smuggler Cove, where with our stern tie secured, we enjoyed a fantastic view of the sunset over the Malaspina.  The next morning we awoke to dark clouds over head. Our guests enjoyed some work outs in the kayaks, then we pulled anchor for a sail in great winds and sunshine to Jedidiah Island. Sailing wing on wing through Bull passage, our guests marveled at the splendid geography. As we turned the corner,we were absolutley delighted to again find ourselves a private spot in the most  desirable "Sunset Cove". We served the happy couple dinner, then,  the crew went for a hike. Timed for sunset on a most beautiful evening, the proposal took place, we returned to the boat and a very happy couple! Sunday, after another cloudy start the sun re appeared, we enjoyed a lovely, sunny cruise to the beach at Thormanby Island. We were back at the dock at 3 warmed with the memory of being part of a momentous occasion. We couldn't help but harken back to memories of  the couples we have hosted celebrating long term marriages. The common theme , a joy of adventure and positive outlook on life. I think the sun will shine, (when it really counts) on this marriage just as it did on the weekend. 

The month ahead looks fun and exciting with several day trips booked with great people! We still have lots of availablity for Sunset cruises and many for day cruises as well. Come and sail in paradise with us!

Nanaimo Harbour , Newcastle Island

Posted on May 26, 2016 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (557)

We had some time in May to have our vessel all to ourselves.We set off on a lovely Thursday evening with a brisk wind and some substantial fetch in Welcome Passage, after contemplating a duck in to one of the bays on the South side of Thormanby Island to spend the night at anchor,we found around the corner   a lovely 20 kn wind on the beam. With a reefed main,we enjoyed a lovely sail attaining 8.2 kn. (10mph). We arrived on a Newcastle Island mooring buoy to spend a windy night followed by a lovely morning walk around the island.

 Above the cut between Newcastle Island,  and Protection Island. 2nd photo:Reverie on a mooring with the Nanaimo Skyline, Below Mallard Lake, Newcastle Island

Our 3rd Season of sharing sailing adventures with groups of friends, couples, and familes

Posted on May 3, 2016 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (71)

Well it is hard to believe our third season is already off to a great start. We have some new safety equipment installed as well as our newest "crew Member" our auto pilot. This new asset is state of the art technology. Skipper Rick can more easily single hand our vessel,  Reverie.

New Radar and chart plotters are waitng in the shop for mounting hardware. Brand new Ground tackle (anchor chain and rope) is also arriving this week. Our skipper strives to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety .

We also recently gained Transport Canada certification for our vessel. Reverie meets or exceeds all safety standards required for Small Commercial Vessels.

We have seen some lovely winds and great wildlife viewing. Eagles, seals, otters, mink and Sea Lions. These California Sea lions are massive and when they roar, it seems to shake the island that they sit on.  We also have a pair of loons in Secret Cove. The sound of the loons calling for each other is both eerie and beautiful! Such a soulful sound!

We have hosted a birthday party, familes from Ontario and guests from the far corners of BC so far this year. We have lucked out with great sailing conditions so far.

We look forward to our guests that have booked their summer vacations already. We will get to meet new guests from B.C., California, Ontario , Saskatchewan and Alberta as well as several repeat visitors from previous seasons. We are currently fully booked from Augsut 15 to Sept 6. We are booked for the BC Day long weekend as well!

It is going to be a great summer!